Products on request


The offer of products made on individual request, with an intended use for children and adults with locomotor disabilities of a different origin. In cases where it is impossible to a serial product, we recommend using the product made on individual request to individual needs – for both adults and children.
We call an individual orthopedic subject or orthopedic or orthotic device orthoses, apparatuses, corsets, stabilizers, tutors, splints, braces, laces, belts, collars and orthopedic insoles. They take into account different needs and expectations of patients with a musculoskeletal dysfunction of various origins.

Their main purpose is to assist or replace the natural function of movement of limbs and trunk, lost as a result of injury or congenital dysfunction.


Our serial products and those made on request are on the basis of al three main assumptions:
1. Topography – the parts of the body are covered by the orthotic device.
– in the area of the upper limb
– in the area of the lower limb
– in the area of the trunk
2. Function
In order to obtain a possibly complete physical function, the orthoses produced perform certain functions.
– Stabilize the limbs joints and sections of the trunk.
– Immobilize and offload partially and fully in a certain position.
– Correct their position and operation.
3. Stabilization/Mobility/Form

The construction of the orthosis and the physical properties of the materials determine the soft, semi-rigid or rigid form of the product.
The mobility of the patient with the use of orthosis defines freedom of movement in three planes: sagittal, frontal and transverse.


Monitoring and safety

Individual measures are carried out in accordance with the doctors recommendation and under his strict control. On the basis on the doctors diagnosis we produce an orthotic product offering professional services to the patient.
We operate in an integrated manner – our team also includes people with disabilities, which allows us to look with greater empathy at the needs of our customers.

Price accessibilit
We are a Polish manufacturer who focuses on both functionality and simplicity of operation. All products, starting from the smallest items, are made in our factory. The individual cost of an individual supply is higher only 10 – 30% from the standard serial product.
Cooperation and training
You can count on effective support of the ERHEM company.
We offer assistance in choosing the right equipment and training for medical, technological and material trainings in terms of invidual orthopedic supply.
For this purpose, please contact our Customer Service Office.

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